This is Saxon, our energetic little man who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was a week old. We gathered together many friends and family members and created Strides for Sax. Our mission is to raise money and create awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to find a cure for cf. This is all about Sax and our team's efforts for the cause. As of the creation of this blog, Saxon is 21 months old, has been hospitalized several times for pneumonia, and had undergone 3 surgeries since his first birthday.

Monday, September 30, 2013

GI Test

This is going to be a short post.  Anyway, I called Sax's GI doctor to find out what is going to happen at his appointments this week.  The first one says "GI Test," location, time, and fasting instructions, and information about eating foods containing a "contrast agent."  The next 2 say "GI Test Day 2" and "GI Test Day 3" with dates, times, and locations, and that's it.  When you have other children to take care of/make arrangements for, this information isn't very helpful.

I told the guy who answered I had 2 main questions - How long are the tests going to take, and what do they entail?

Here is what I was told:

Sax will have to eat eggs, bread, and milk with a contrast agent.  Then he will have to have x-rays done.  The guy I spoke with was going to double check with the exact times but told me what he thought.  The first will be right after he eats, then they will be 1, 2, 4, 6(?), 8, 12(?), 24, and 48 hours later, which will give them a view of his stomach, large and small intestines, and his colon.

I laughed and told him that Sax doesn't like eggs.  What are they going to do then?  He was supposed to check and get back to me, as well as with the exact times.  Hopefully he'll call tomorrow, but I'll just prepare for the longest day.....  There's going to be a LOT of waiting in between.... maybe Sax and I can head to the park or something if it's nice?

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