This is Saxon, our energetic little man who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was a week old. We gathered together many friends and family members and created Strides for Sax. Our mission is to raise money and create awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to find a cure for cf. This is all about Sax and our team's efforts for the cause. As of the creation of this blog, Saxon is 21 months old, has been hospitalized several times for pneumonia, and had undergone 3 surgeries since his first birthday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

First Fishy!

Scrappy man has had a busy weekend! We went fishing again on Saturday. After sitting in his stroller playing with his fishing pole for a while, he decided he wanted out of the stroller and wanted to sit with Mommy. That was a good and fine. Every time Mommy cast, Saxon decided he wanted to reel in Mommy's line since it was in the water and his wasn't. And wouldn't you know!! The little turkey caught something!! We were getting ready to call it a day - Raine had caught a small walleye, which she had been VERY excited about, but that was it - Sax had just finished reeling my line in. I was lifting it out of the water and thought I was caught on a rock or weeds or something, until I heard splashing. I took a good look at his fishy - he caught a bass!! I must be teaching my kids good!!! :-)

Sibling rivalry has also resumed in our house. Anything one has, the other wants and fights for. And Saxon beats on his sister. And Raine pulls and hangs on Saxon. Last night he head-butted her right in the mouth and split her lip! It bled pretty good for a while, but we got it to stop with a cold washcloth and pressure. Then tonight after supper, Raine was trying to clean up her coloring stuff - markers, paper, etc. - and Saxon decided to jump on her back and was choking her. Pull him off, tell him Not Nice and swat his diapered behinder, and set him away from her. A couple SECONDS later, he's back at it again! I had to put him in timeout again, and he just sits there and SCREAMS or bangs his head. The rain is supposed to stop tonight, so I should be able to turn him loose outside to run run run, or in his words 'go go go' and 'go side.'

Sax has 2 appointments coming up in May in Rochester. We're supposed to go see Vicki and Dr Pianosi, the pulmonologist, on May 3rd, but we got a call today to reschedule because Dr P was called away. Saxon's appointment with them has been postponed to May 21st. They'll listen to him and do chest x-rays. On the 14th we go to see ENT and have another hearing test to be sure the tubes are working like they're supposed to. And hopefully the nasal polyps are staying GONE!! We are hoping he isn't going to need surgery for that again for at least a few more years.....

We are going to be in Rochester this Saturday, May 1. This will be our 2nd year walking in the Great Strides walk. Last year Sax didn't ride the best in his stroller, but this year should be better. Raine walked the entire 10k (6.2 miles) last year!! Maybe she can make better time this year. She is bringing a friend of hers with, so that should keep her busy. We have a different group walking this year. A few of the same from last year, but some newbies too. And this year we have our own custom t-shirts for the team. Scot is already talking about next year's shirts, but I think these will be ok for at least another year. It's great, too, because not only do we all match, but when we have our fundraisers, it's easier to pick out who's working and who isn't. We have extra shirts that we are selling for $20 each - $15 to cover our cost, and a $5 donation to the CF Foundation. Our team has raised somewhere around $850 right now. That's just what I've counted in our team account and online donations. We're still short on our $3,000 goal, but we still have some time. Maybe we can sell some teddy bears at the walk??? Or some roses?? Katherine from the Foundation said a lot of people were interested in them around Valentine's Day. Our team is going to go out for lunch after the walk to plan our next fundraisers and discuss where we're at for fundraising. Olive Garden is sounding like the winner!!

Well, it's 1125, the Scrappy Man is sleeping, and so is the rest of the house, save for me. Gonna have some QUIET time to watch tv before I head to bed.... Night all!!

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