This is Saxon, our energetic little man who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was a week old. We gathered together many friends and family members and created Strides for Sax. Our mission is to raise money and create awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to find a cure for cf. This is all about Sax and our team's efforts for the cause. As of the creation of this blog, Saxon is 21 months old, has been hospitalized several times for pneumonia, and had undergone 3 surgeries since his first birthday.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday - in every sense...

"It's a Monday kind of day."  Except today IS Monday.  And before it was even Monday, I knew it was not going to be one of the best days.

Sax spent the weekend being quite crabby - wanting to sit on Mommy's lap and wanting to snuggle.  He's been having some mild discharge from his left ear - fluid from having his tubes maybe?? I've never seen the discharge as liquid, just as dried waxy nastiness all over his ear and sometimes on his cheek  He seemed a bit feverish off and on during the weekend, but never too high.  He went to bed with Daddy, but as has been happening quite a bit lately, he insisted on sleeping in our bed.  At least, until he fell asleep.  When I went to bed about 12:30, I had to move him over to his crib since he falls asleep in my spot.

Raine woke up in the middle of the night last night crying because her ear was hurting - probably about 1130ish.  I gave her some ibuprofen and a warm wet rag for her ear.  That seemed to help, so I sent her back to bed about midnight.  I had a feeling.  I knew something was up... it was either going to be a long night or a long day....  Little did I know it was going to start before I was even out of bed!!!

I woke up to Saxon yelling.  Then Raine yelling.  Saxon throwing toys at me from the crib.  Then Saxon out of the crib and Raine yelling at him to get out of her room. And Daddy already at work.  Saxon yelling at me because I was trying to get him to lay down with me because I just wasn't ready to take on the challenges of today.  Raine yelling at me to get up cuz it's time to go to the doctor.  Wait, who's the parent here????

I got up and got the kids ready to go.  The kids were wild.  We were off to Same Day Clinic - I had called Raine in to school because we had to figure out why her cough wasn't getting better and why her ear was hurting so much.  We had to figure out why Sax has been feverish off and on over the weekend, why he's all gunked up, and why his ear is draining out.

For Monday morning Same Day Clinic was PACKED!!  We got to go up to Peds to see one of the docs there.  She actually knew a little about CF, which helped!!  Found out we'd had Sax on the wrong med - we had him on an anti-fungal instead of an antibiotic!!  (I guess that's because when I called and asked for a refill on his antibiotic, I was talking to the new pharmacist and I guess he doesn't know as much as the other 2 do.) 

Anyway, the verdict after all was said and done: Saxon has an ear infection in his left ear and that's what/why it was draining.  He's on ear drops and augmentin.  Hopefully this should clear everything up!!  He seems to be feeling better - he's LOUD again!!  And driving his motorcycle all over.  His nose is still running, but it's still more on the clear side, and that's just a fact of life with him.....  Raine has an ear infection in her RIGHT ear, and apparently has seasonal allergies now.... but her father did too.... so it shouldn't be too surprising.  She's on amoxicillan and Claritin now - funny that it's the same dosage as Saxon's!!

I have to take Sax for a weigh-in on Monday next week.  I called Vicki because he has dropped in weight again.  On the 13th he was 12.9 kg.  Now he's down to 12.3 kg.  It would be nice if he would just EAT... do like normal kids do and EAT, especially the fatty foods!!  But since he hasn't been feeling good, he's not even really drinking anything, even his PediaSure, the last couple days!!  We'll find out Monday what we do next...  **sigh** It was good while it lasted....

Here's him with his tired glazed look this afternoon, while fighting with Mommy about naptime......

So it was Monday.  Very much a Monday.  And I'm glad it's over.  Even if tomorrow isn't the best day in the world, it's got one thing going for it!!  It's TUESDAY!!

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